Brothers Logo

the BROTHERS mission and vision is embedded into the logo. Seven men decided to come together to form Brothers Reaching Out To Help Encourage & Redirect Students. The logo was created from an actual picture of the original founders. The men displayed in the background are considered step brothers who are actively supporting the efforts and activities scheduled.

Brothers Mission Image

Our Mission

The BROTHERS have a mission to align committed men in efforts to encourage and redirect k-16 students around the United States of America.

The BROTHERS sat down to discuss their thoughts on - fatherhood -

Our Vision

The BROTHERS vision is to develop numerous chapters of men displaying commitment to children and to their communities.

Brothers Mission Image


The BROTHERS pass along positive messages to students across the nation. Through mentoring programs, classroom pep talks and keynote presentations, each member is willing to step forward to inspire.

Our Images

The BROTHERS have been captured displaying their commitment to the community and children. Be sure to take a look at the efforts to serve @brotherslv on Instagram.